All you want to know about eDocs &/or Messages

Implement, Advocate for, and use eDocs & Messages!

  • The industry came together to provide you with information on eDocs and/or Messages. Please see this two page summary to learn more. eDocs Day Collateral
  • Independent agents have provided input on their workflows to round out the standards being used by the industry to implement eDocs and Messages. Agencies are currently benefiting from having their agency system do the work for them. Learn more about eDocs and Messages – click to secure a copy of the eDocs and Messages: Breaking it Down document.
  • AUGIE facilitated a number of discussions with agents, carriers and solution providers to improve the type of documentation and messages being sent from carriers to their agent and broker partners. Please click to download the AUGIE eDocs and Messages excel.
  • IVANS has published a Use Cases document to assist with implementation – Please click to secure a copy
  • To see a list of the Carriers providing eDocs and/or Messages download for their agents – please click to secure the excel
  • AUGIE members and Ambassadors are the collaborative voice that will communicate the need for the carrier’s and agency management system providers to expand their eDocs & Messages download. They will also continue to encourage their independent agency constituents to use this download. Agents, to see who is providing your agency with eDocs & Messages, sign in to IVANS Exchange today look at your Connection Report. If you need assistance, contact

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