AUGIE Group Initiatives

AUGIE Group brings together individuals interested in specific topics to discuss and advocate for resolution of the topic of interest.

Claims Download

Carriers are now providing claims download which eliminates hours of key stroking and maintaining information that may now be delivered through download. Users of this download want to provide their input and guidance to make it more valuable to their daily workflow and overall review of their clients claims status with the agency. If you are interested in Claims Download please Contact us.

MGA Integration

This community of interested participants is assembling industry collateral to encourage MGA’s/Wholesales to develop digital connects with the Retail agents. The scope of the discussions include submission to download. If you are interested in MGA Integration please Contact us.


We will be seeking individuals with experience writing ag and sharing what is needed to make servicing this business more efficient. If you are interested in Agribusiness, please Contact us.


This community of interested participants will be discussing how to advocate for downloading Cyber as a separate Line of Business similar to the adoption of Crime and Inland Marine applications. The goal is to encourage agents to tell their agency management system providers that they want Cyber to download to the Cyber Application. This community will discuss how to communicate this throughout the distribution channel. If you are interested in Cyber download, please Contact us.

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