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AUGIE brings together industry leaders and focuses on insurance industry efforts that assist independent agents and brokers in providing their clients with excellent service and the digital experience they expect.

eDocs & Messages

Implement, Advocate for, and use eDocs & Messages!

Claims Download

The industry is now able to deliver data about a claim to the agency’s management system. This ensures that the agent is aware of the claim and can advocate on behalf of their client.

For years, agents have entered their own claims data into their systems, spending hours key stroking and maintaining information that may now be delivered through download.

  1. The independent agents are now using claims download to learn about their clients claims that have been reported directly to their carrier.
  2. The carriers and agency management systems are adding more claims download functionality to their system, to ensure the agents have the claims information to service their clients.
  3. AUGIE continues to advocate for the agents to use claims download; the carriers and agency management system providers to broaden its implementation offerings.

AUGIE will be forming a group to respond to the discussion and questions discussed during the AUGIE open meeting in October 2018. If you or someone on your staff are interested in participating. Please contact

Commercial Lines Download

Commercial Lines Download is more involved than personal lines download, because of the nature of the commercial business. That said, the industry has developed standards that handle the buildings, contents, liability, Errors & Omissions, Crime and inland marine to name a few.

  • Independent agents who are benefiting from commercial lines download want more of it! They are willing to work with their carriers and their agency management system vendor to make it better.
  • Carriers continue and Agency management systems want to expand their offerings. They want to work with agents who are willing to work on download for their agency, as well as the industry to test it and ensure that is a quality download.
  • Do you want to start using Commercial Lines Download, help to improve it and/or encourage your carriers to expand Commercial Lines Download? Let AUGIE know.

AUGIE is working on updating the Commercial lines Download Guideline document.  If you would like to assist in that effort, please register here.

Commercial Data in Motion

The industry has developed many different methods for exchanging data between insurance agents and brokers and the insurance carriers they represent.

Due to inconsistent workflows, this bridging of data has been underutilized. This exchange of data affects many other AUGIE Priorities (edocs, Claims Download Commercial Download and Buy-Button).

  • Agents and brokers are collaborating through an ACT workgroup to focus on the bridging of data between the agency management system and their carriers.
  • A select group of carriers who have been successful at the bridging of data are developing best practices for data exchange to help encourage other carriers to implement successful data bridging.
  • The major agency management vendors are making this collaborative effort a priority.
    The AUGIE community members are very involved in the ACT work group and will communicate to the industry as this initiative evolves.

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Buy Button

Empowering independent agents to take back binding ability is what this initiative is all about. It is not a technology issue, it is a business issue. Ultimately, independent agents need to deliver what customers want.

  • The buy button initiative is of value to all Independent Agents.
  • AUGIE collaborative voice will assist in delivering the message and encouraging agents to become involved.

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