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AUGIE Group brings together individuals interested in specific topics to discuss and advocate for resolution of the topic of interest.


Tactical discussion and action on existing technology

Claims Download

Claims Download is saving carriers and agents significant time-it eliminates hours of re-keying information. To ensure that carriers implement claims download and agency management systems provide access to the data agents want, AUGIE Group has published documentation. If you are interested in advocating for improved Claims Download please Contact us.

For additional Information:

Claims Download Guiding Principles

Claims Download for Agents

Claims Data Guide

Chair – Donna LaGoy


We will be seeking individuals with experience writing ag and sharing what is needed to make servicing this business more efficient. If you are interested in Agribusiness, please Contact us.

Platinum Download Initiative

The AUGIE Group Platinum Initiative is an industry effort to provide industry guidance based on the input of all who participate, agents, brokers, carriers, solution providers, etc. The Guidance documentation will then be the basis for the generation of the “Fact Sheets” . This will be public information to assist the carrier and/or agency management system in communicating their current capabilities, and if there are opportunities to improve their download, a reference document for actions that may be taken in the future. This will also provide the carrier or agency management system the ability to communicate what they are working towards, to improve their download.

This initiative will be aggregating the information and providing transparency throughout the industry. It will be assisting the industry with knowing what the agents and brokers want downloaded to do their job. It will be used by individuals who are interested in providing or wanting to use quality download. We are starting with Workers Comp and Homeowners. If you are interested in the Platinum Download Initiative please Contact Us.

CL Inland Marine

We will be seeking individuals with experience writing ag sharing what is needed to make servicing this business more efficient. If you are interested in CL Inland Marine please Contact Us.


Communication and Action to increase adoption

Specialty, Excess, Program Business – Automation Initiative

There is significant opportunity to automate the exchanges between Specialty, Excess, Program Business and retail agents. Our Specialty, Excess, Program Business – Automation Initiative (formally known as MGA Integration group) is developing information and programs to encourage digital connects between all in the pipeline – Specialty, Excess, Program Business and retail agents. The scope includes submission to download. To learn about our please click to learn more about the discussion. If you are interested in advocating for this Specialty, Excess, Program Business – Automation Initiative please Contact us.

ID Federation

ID Federation’s SignOn Once improves productivity, enhances security, and removes the need to reset passwords – giving agents more time to serve customers. But agents need carriers and vendors to implement this tool. If you are interested in advocating for ID Federation’s SignOn Once please Contact us.

eDocs and Messages

With eDocs and Messages, carriers and agents can send documents directly from their systems to the agency management systems, saving time and reducing errors. To use the tool, it needs to be available on agency management systems and offered by carriers. This community works to advance the adoption of eDocs and Messages, encouraging both vendors and carriers to make this solution available to agents. If you are interested in advocating for expanded eDocs and Message connections, please Contact us.


This community of interested participants will be discussing how to advocate for downloading Cyber as a separate Line of Business similar to the adoption of Crime and Inland Marine applications. The goal is to encourage agents to tell their agency management system providers that they want Cyber to download to the Cyber Application. This community will discuss how to communicate this throughout the distribution channel. If you are interested in Cyber download, please Contact us.

AUGIE Ambassadors

As a grassroots organization, AUGIE depends on its community to spread the word about its programs and goals. Ambassadors are AUGIE participants who want to get involved at a higher level, and share information on social media, at industry events and other ways. If you’re active in AUGIE and attend the meetings, you can qualify for this rewarding and important role. To find out more about the requirements.  Interested in becoming an Ambassador?

Innovate & Educate

Communication and Information

Digital Ecosystem

This initiative will ultimately provide the industry with information on the many road maps that agents could take to adopt insurtech solutions that will drive efficiency to their business. Agents struggle to create an excellent 24/7 customer experience based on vendor and carrier systems that weren’t designed to play well together. Agents have voiced their concerns about the abundance of solutions without understanding where each vendor starts and stops, that is why AUGIE Group has brought together this initiative.

Creating a better customer experience is vital to compete. It requires the ability to pull all customer touchpoints together with seamless integration and data transfer between industry players. The AUGIE group Digital Ecosystem initiative will cover everything from: Education, Prospect Generation, Prospect Distribution, Prospect Capture, Prospect Nurture, Prospect Rate, Customer Bind, Customer Service, Analysis.

To learn more –

If you are interested in the Digital eco system please Contact us.


Kitty Ambers

Jason Walker

Digital Ecosystem Recording

Digital Ecosystem

Digital Ecosystem Videos

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