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AUGIE Group brings together individuals interested in specific topics to discuss and advocate for resolution of the topic of interest.


Digital Efficiency: We will be discussing Submission ID and tracking, Two-way eDocs, and Agribusiness download. If you are interested in these discussions Contact us.

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Emerging Technologies

New technologies are constantly entering the market that can help agents provide a more seamless, on-demand experience. Each quarter we will present new tools and solutions and give real-life examples of how these technologies can be used.
This initiative will ultimately provide the industry with information on the many road maps that agents could take to adopt emerging technology.
Creating a better customer experience is vital to compete. It requires the ability to pull all customer touchpoints together with seamless integration and data transfer between industry players. The AUGIE group Emerging technologies initiative could cover everything from: Education, Prospect Generation, Prospect Distribution, Prospect Capture, Prospect Nurture, Prospect Rate, Customer Bind, Customer Service, Analysis.

If you are interested in the Digital eco system please Contact us.


Kitty Ambers

Jason Walker


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