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AUGIE Group supports the discussion and implementation of technology to improve the efficiency of the independent agent and broker distribution channel in the digital age.

What’s New With The AUGIE Group.

AUGIE Group, enabling innovation and efficiency within the insurance ecosystem

Our Mission…

AUGIE’s mission is to bring together industry leaders and create a focus on insurance industry efforts that assist independent agents and brokers in providing their clients with excellent service and the digital experience they expect.

As part of this mission, we strive to be a valued community for the insurance industry that brings members together to share ideas, anticipate market needs and influence change.

We serve as a network and information hub for a range of industry participants.

 Who Collaborates

Insurance Carriers

AUGIE Group provides an opportunity for carriers to gain valuable insight into what independent agents think about their products, processes, agency support, and areas for improvement along with access to a large group of agents in a single location.

Independent Insurance Agents

AUGIE Group serves as a forum for innovative independent insurance agencies looking to participate in providing a unified message to their carriers that they want to leverage technology and other efficiencies to enhance industry workflows, and provide their clients with the service they expect and need.

Agency Management Systems

AUGIE Group helps agency management software providers uncover the needs and wants of independent insurance agents to drive product improvements, and enable agents and carriers to interface better.

AUGIE Group Sponsors

AUGIE Group does not charge membership fees. We run the organization—which includes more than 4,000 industry participants and representatives from all the industry associations and user groups—on a small budget that relies on sponsorships for the costs and services associated with running our meetings and initiatives, and advocacy and communications.

Sponsors logos and website links are listed on AUGIE Group’s site, email newsletters and featured in meetings. Each month, we profile a sponsor’s business in our newsletter.

Available Sponsorship Levels

  • Supporter $5,000
  • Tactical $2,500
  • Ambassador $1,000
  • Committee $500

In addition to financial contributions, many of our sponsors provide in-kind contributions.  These include everything from administrative staffing to meeting technology. Below is a full list of the services our sponsors are currently providing to us.

We sometimes have specific services we and are seeking sponsors which we’ll list here.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

The Sponsors

Xanatek company logo
the 10 company
Insurance Agent app
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Would You Like to Become a Sponsor?

Examples of Services in Kind Provided by our Sponsors

  • Website-design, maintenance, hosting and ensuring the site is ADA compliant
  • Awards-purchase and customization of our annual awards.
  • Bookkeeping and Finances-manage banking, bookkeeping and accounts payable.
  • Communications-counsel on developing messaging and brand strategies. The Brand and Communications Advisor attends Executive Committee meetings and holds a non-voting role on the Executive Council.
  • Constant Contact -licensing the tool to communicate and engage its members.
  • Director – The Director supports of the Chair, Vice Chair and Executive Council, task group project management and WebEx support, notes and communications, manages the budget, speaks or writes on behalf of AUGIE Group at industry events and on social networks.
  • Poll Anywhere-There is a need to survey the membership during meetings. This tool allows AUGIE Group to poll the participants during the face to face or virtual sessions.
  • Webinars and meetings – Many of AUGIE Group’s meetings, Town Halls and events are virtual. This sponsorship covers the expenses to use Zoom.

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