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Bringing the insurance industry together to encourage efficient workflows, and ensure independent agents thrive in the digital age.

Our Mission…

AUGIE’s mission is to bring together industry leaders and create a focus on insurance industry efforts that assist independent agents and brokers in providing their clients with excellent service and the digital experience they expect.

As part of this mission, we strive to be a valued community for the insurance industry that brings members together to share ideas, anticipate market needs and influence change.

We serve as a network and information hub for a range of industry participants.

AUGIE Recognized as an Industry Leader

 Who Collaborates

Insurance Carriers

AUGIE provides an opportunity for carriers to gain valuable insight into what independent agents think about their products, processes, agency support, and areas for improvement along with access to a large group of agents in a single location.

Independent Insurance Agents

AUGIE serves as a forum for innovative independent insurance agencies looking to participate in providing a unified message to their carriers that they want to leverage technology and other efficiencies to enhance industry workflows, and provide their clients with the service they expect and need.

Agency Management Systems

AUGIE helps agency management software providers uncover the needs and wants of independent insurance agents to drive product improvements, and enable agents and carriers to interface better.

 AUGIE’s Priorities

eDocs & Messages

Industry standards and implementers of the standards need to have input from agents, carriers and other industry experts.

Claims Download

For years agents have entered their own claims data into their systems, spending hours key stroking and maintaining information that may now be delivered through download. AUGIE works to share technology that makes claims download possible for independent insurance agents.

Commercial Lines Download

Commercial Lines Download is more involved than personal lines download, because of the nature of the commercial business. The industry has developed standards that handle a variety of lines. AUGIE works to promote new innovation in commercial lines download.

Commercial Data in Motion

The industry has developed many different methods for exchanging data between insurance agents and brokers and the insurance carriers they represent. AUGIE works to bridge this data and help create useful workflows.

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Empowering independent agents to take back binding ability is what this initiative is all about. It is not a technology issue, it is a business issue. Ultimately, Independent Agents need to deliver what customers want.

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