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AUGIE Group supports the discussion and implementation of technology to improve the efficiency of the independent agent and broker distribution channel in the digital age.
AUGIE Group is a community of communities–it is the only forum where agents, brokers, carriers, MGA/Wholesalers, solution providers, association representatives and others can come together beyond their associations, user groups and other affiliations to discuss industry issues and opportunities. Some say we’re the “Switzerland” of the industry.
AUGIE Group forum topics include
  • key industry subjects
  • efficiency issues that may be resolved through technology. For example the sharing of data, documentation and information, by industry partners.
  • advocacy, communication and how to reach more of the industry to assist them in understanding the business reasons for implementing and/or using the technology available to them.
AUGIE Group engages Ambassadors. AUGIE Group Ambassadors are individuals who assist in communicating in person or through social networks. They educate and speaking at industry events, on the topics discussed and documents developed by the AUGIE Group members.
Individuals become members of AUGIE Group to be “in the know” and advance a great cause. Everyone who participates in AUGIE Group is considered a member and there is no fee to participate in AUGIE Group. Anyone, who has touch points in the independent agent and broker distribution channel, is invited to be a member of AUGIE.

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